Dry-ice Blasting Service

We provide cleaning service for all types of machinery, tools and equipment without the need to disassemble (and reassemble) them, especially large, complex machinery. This ensures minimal downtime. Thai Dry Ice Cleaning’s service is not abrasive to the surface, extending their life and being a better option than blasting with plastic, sand, glass, walnut shells or chemical which might damage the machinery and equipment.
Thai Dry Ice Cleaning’s technology alleviate potential loss as dry ice will immediately sublime on contact with the surface of the object, reducing damage from abrasion. The surface of your equipment will remain pristine. Furthermore, the dry ice can reach difficult, deep or complex areas with minimal issues, extending the life of the expensive machinery.
The dry ice can be used to clean various machinery, tools and equipment, even delicate parts such as electronic circuit, printer, web printer, mold, automotive robot and machinery, conveyor belt and mold for snack production, cleaning service and plane paint removal, etc.
Eco-friendly and safe to the user, Thai Dry Ice Cleaning’s cleaning technology is harmless, conducive for safe environment for the staff, reducing risk from traditional, hazardous chemical-based cleaning method.